• This course is designed to impart a fundamental knowledge on the preparatory pharmacy with arts and science of preparing the different conventional dosage forms.


  • Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:
    • Know the history of profession of pharmacy
    • Understand the basics of different dosage forms, pharmaceutical incompatibilities and pharmaceutical calculations
    • Understand the professional way of handling the prescription
    • Preparation of various conventional dosage forms

Course Content


  • Historical background and development of profession of pharmacy
    • History of profession of Pharmacy in India in relation to pharmacy education, industry and organization, Pharmacy as a career
    • Pharmacopoeias: Introduction to IP, BP, USP and Extra Pharmacopoeia.
  • Dosage forms
    • Introduction to dosage forms, classification and definitions
  • Prescription
    • Definition, Parts of prescription, handling of Prescription and Errors in prescription.
  • Posology
    • Definition, Factors affecting posology. Pediatric dose calculations


  • Pharmaceutical Calculations:
    • Weights and measures – Imperial & Metric system
    • Calculations involving percentage solutions, alligation, proof spirit and isotonic solutions based on freezing point and molecular weight.
  • Powders:
    • Definition, classification, advantages and disadvantages
    • Simple & compound powders – official preparations, dusting powders, effervescent, efflorescent and hygroscopic powders, eutectic mixtures.
    • Geometric dilutions.
  • Liquid Dosage Forms:
    • Advantages and disadvantages of liquid dosage forms.
    • Excipients used in formulation of liquid dosage forms.
    • Solubility enhancement techniques


Monophasic Liquids:

  • Definitions and preparations of Gargles, Mouthwashes, Throat Paint, Eardrops, Nasal drops, Enemas, Syrups, Elixirs, Liniments and Lotions.

Biphasic Liquids:

  • Suspensions:
    • Definition, advantages and disadvantages, classifications, Preparation of suspensions;
    • Flocculated and Deflocculated suspension & stability problems and methods to overcome.
  • Emulsions:
    • Definition, classification, emulsifying agent, test for the identification of type of Emulsion
    • Methods of preparation & stability problems and methods to overcome.



  • Definition, types, advantages and disadvantages, types of bases, methods of preparations.
  • Displacement value & its calculations, evaluation of suppositories.

 Pharmaceutical Incompatibilities:

  • Definition, classification, physical, chemical and therapeutic incompatibilities with examples.


Semisolid Dosage Forms:

  • Definitions, classification, mechanisms and factors influencing dermal penetration of drugs.
  • Preparation of ointments, pastes, creams and gels.
  • Excipients used in semi solid dosage forms.
  • Evaluation of semi solid dosages forms


Recommended Books: (Latest Editions) 

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  • Carter S.J., Cooper and Gunn’s-Dispensing for Pharmaceutical Students, CBS publishers, New Delhi.
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  • Indian pharmacopoeia.
  • British pharmacopoeia.
  • Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy,Lea& Febiger Publisher, The University of Michigan.
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