Scope: This subject is designed to impart fundamental knowledge on the structure and functions of the various systems of the human body. It also helps in understanding both homeostatic mechanisms. The subject provides the basic knowledge required to understand the various disciplines of pharmacy.


Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:
1. Explain the gross morphology, structure and functions of various organs of the human body.

2. Describe the various homeostatic mechanisms and their imbalances.
3. Identify the various tissues and organs of different systems of human body.

4. Perform the hematological tests like blood cell counts, haemoglobin estimation, bleeding/clotting time etc and also record blood pressure, heart rate, pulse and respiratory volume.

5. Appreciate coordinated working pattern of different organs of each system
6. Appreciate the interlinked mechanisms in the maintenance of normal functioning (homeostasis) of human body

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