Novel Drug Delivery Systems


  • Enrol and Access Course of Novel Drug Delivery Systems
  • B. Pharmacy IV Year I Semester
  • According to PCI Syllabus


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1. Controlled drug delivery systems: Introduction, terminology/definitions and rationale, advantages, disadvantages, selection of drug candidates. Approaches to design-controlled release formulations based on diffusion, dissolution and ion exchange principles. Physicochemical and biological properties of drugs relevant to controlled release formulations
2. Polymers: Introduction, classification, properties, advantages and application of polymers in formulation of controlled release drug delivery systems.


1. Microencapsulation: Definition, advantages and disadvantages, microspheres /microcapsules, microparticles, methods of microencapsulation, applications
2. Mucosal Drug Delivery system: Introduction, Principles of bioadhesion / mucoadhesion, concepts, advantages and disadvantages, transmucosal permeability and formulation considerations of buccal delivery systems
3. Implantable Drug Delivery Systems: Introduction, advantages and disadvantages, concept of implants and osmotic pump


1. Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems: Introduction, Permeation through skin, factors affecting permeation, permeation enhancers, basic components of TDDS, formulation approaches
2. Gastroretentive drug delivery systems: Introduction, advantages, disadvantages, approaches for GRDDS – Floating, high-density systems, inflatable and gastroadhesive systems and their applications
3. Nasopulmonary drug delivery system: Introduction to Nasal and Pulmonary routes of drug delivery, Formulation of Inhalers (dry powder and metered dose), nasal sprays, nebulizers


Nanotechnology and its Concepts: Concepts and approaches for targeted drug delivery systems, advantages and disadvantages, introduction to liposomes, niosomes, nanoparticles, monoclonal antibodies and their applications


1. Ocular Drug Delivery Systems: Introduction, intra ocular barriers and methods to overcome – Preliminary study, ocular formulations and concerts
2. Intrauterine Drug Delivery Systems: Introduction, advantages and disadvantages, development of intrauterine devices (IUDs) and applications


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